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Organisation FPMT und Dagri R.

Untersuchungsergebnis des Faith Trust Institute, 20.11.2020

Kommentierung zur Veröffentlichung des Untersuchungsergebnis des Faith Trust Institute durch FPMT, 20.11.2020

Dagri Rinpoche wegen sexueller Belästigung, Nötigung und Übergriffe seit 2008 dauerhaft vom Unterricht in der Organisation FPMT ausgeschlossen, 13.11.2020
"The allegations against Dagri Rinpoche investigated by FaithTrust Institute date back to 2008. They include complaints from women of groping, sexual harassment and sexual assault, both within FPMT centers and elsewhere. Some women reported they were assaulted for years. Some were ordained nuns. Using a standard for civil legal proceedings based on a preponderance of the evidence, FaithTrust Institute concluded from witness interviews, statements and corroborating evidence that Dagri Rinpoche did engage in a pattern of intentional and inappropriate sexual behavior that persisted over many years towards women who were in his company due to his position as a trusted incarnate lama and teacher. Despite multiple requests, Dagri Rinpoche did not meaningfully engage with FaithTrust Institute’s investigation. However, when he received a detailed summary of multiple victim statements from FaithTrust Institute, he emailed a written response asking for forgiveness.Therefore, we accept that, according to the standard applied by FaithTrust Institute, Dagri Rinpoche committed sexual misconduct, which also qualifies as spiritual abuse given his position as a spiritual teacher. We have unanimously determined that the temporary suspension of Dagri Rinpoche from the list of registered FPMT teachers (from which FPMT centers can choose to invite to provide Dharma teachings) is now permanent. That suspension, and now permanent removal from the list, means that FPMT centers, projects, and services, cannot invite Dagri Rinpoche to give Dharma teachings at the center."
in  date of retrieval: 14.11.2020

Those harmed by Dagri R., please, contact FaithTrust Institute, 20.12.2019
"Anyone who may have experienced or witnessed harm from Dagri Rinpoche in his role as spiritual teacher at FPMT centers, is invited to contact FaithTrust Institute. You can report your experience via email and, if you choose, participate in a confidential phone/Skype interview. All information will be held in confidence by FaithTrust Institute in the course of the assessment and report. To contact FaithTrust Institute send an email to their confidential email address: FaithTrust Institute will promptly follow up with you via email. If you prefer to be called, please indicate a phone or Skype number." 20.12.2019

Dagri Rinpoche hearing adjourned to July 18, 2019 13.6.2019

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Video, von Jaki P. "I was molested by Dagri Rinpoche, when I was a buddhist nun in Dharamsala, as were several other women". Im Video sagt sie: "Many nuns and laypeople have been molested", "Many lives have been destroyed", "The faith of many dharma practitioners has been seriously harmed by this, the dharma life of many people has been seriously affected ... and I´m talking especially about young western nuns" (bis Track 4.55). Dieses Video hat von 7.5.2019 bis 15.5.2019 14012 Aufrufe. Abrufdatum: 8.5.2019
Die vierseitige Zeugenaussage kann direkt unter dem Video eingesehen werden.

Belästigung eines weiblichen Fluggasts im Delhi-Kangra Flug: 3.5.2019