Bewahrung und Transfer des Wissens der Tibetischen Medizin





1. Kommende Tagungs- und Kongress-Beiträge

26th Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP, online), 12.7.– 16.7.2022, Vortrag: Core elements in the traditional treatment of mental health in Tibetan medicine

22th World Congress of Psychiatry (WPA 2022) Bangkok, 3.8.-6.8.2022, Poster: Low internal experience of emotions and emotional processing in probands coming from Buddhist groups. Analyzing results of sixteen subjects tested with the Emotional Processing Scale.

2. Vor Kurzem erschienene Publikationen

Anders, A.I.M. (2022). Mental health in Sowa Rigpa. Tibetan medicines conceptual contributions to medical diagnostics and treatment of mental diseases based on its merging with Anu- and Atiyoga techniques; Shaker publishers, Print ISBN: 978-3-8440-8624-9, PDF-ISBN 978-3-8440-8629-4 (open access)

Anders, A.I.M. (2022). Risk factors of mental health in patients from Buddhist groups and related diagnostic issues. A study of group participants of twenty international Buddhist organizations; Shaker publishers, Print-ISBN 978-3-8440-8450-4; PDF-ISBN 978-3-8440-8499-3 (open access)

3. Kommende Publikationen